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Single lady for free*   0,-
Single men (with yearly membership)* 56,- 
Single men (daily membership)* 66,-
Couple (with yearly membership)* 29,-
Couple (daily membership)* 39,-
yearly member-card (valid thru 31.12.2021) 30,-
*=all inclusive, food, coffee, tea, non-alco, wine, beer, Bacardi, Wodka, Campari, Aperol, Brandy, Red Wodka, Rum, Gin, Martini...






Glas sparkling wine 0,1L**  6,-
Piccollo sparkling wine 0,2L** 12,-
Bottle sparkling wine 0,7L** 42,-
Remy Martin, Tequila, Chivas, Grey Goose** 6,-
Red Bull** 6,-
**=these extras are not included and therefor to pay extra!