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entrance-member-fees & extras

        single ladies for free*                                        0,-

single man (with yearly member-card)*            56,-

single man (dayly membership)*                      66,-

couple (with yearly member-card)*                  29,-

couple (dayly membership)*                            39,-

yearly member-card (valid thru 31.12.2018)       30,-

*=all inclusive, food, coffee, tea, softdrinks, wine, beer, bacardi, vodka, campari, aperol, brandy, red vodka, rum, gin, martini...

Extra-Drinks**                                                  €

        glass sparkling wine 0,1L                               4,-

piccollo sparkling wine 0,2L                                8,-

bottle sparkling wine 0,7L                                 28,-

Remy Martin, Grey Goose,Tequila, Chivas              4,-

     Red Bull                                                               4,-

cigarettes  (Marlboro, Marlboro Light)               6,-

**=these extras are not included, therefor to pay extra